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Supporting the global environment we supply all software as digital downloads only. How can you participate?

We all can be part of the solution. Digital downloads are the "green" answer to demanding fewer resources for your computer's needs. What you get is software with an environmental footprint of zero while still staying up-to-date.

Digital downloads are one part of the larger trend in making our lives - both professional and personal - cleaner, more efficient, and better. Continue reading to see what else you can do to improve your green computing.

Limit screen-saver use. A screen saver does not save energy. In fact, more often than not, a screen saver not only will draw power for the monitor, but also will keep the CPU from shutting down. Instead, set your computer to turn off the monitor first, then go into standby mode after a longer period of inactivity.

Disconnect your Virtual Private Network (VPN) when not actively using your corporate network. Being connected may limit your system's ability to enter standby mode.

Many popular computer games and other third party software packages that run in the background will not allow the computer to go to sleep - even if they are paused or the active window is minimized.

Some web sites or pages that have active banners and or animated advertisements will not allow the computer to sleep on its own and must be closed, or the computer put manually into a sleep state.

Enabled power management to place your monitor, hard drives and computer into a low-power "sleep" mode after a period of inactivity.

Monitor/display sleep: Turn off after 15 minutes or less

Turn off hard drives/hard disk sleep: 15 minutes or less

System standby/sleep: After 30 minutes or less

Advanced users may wish to establish multiple power schemes to address different usage models. For example, you can create a power scheme for playing music CDs that shuts off your hard drive and monitor immediately, but never puts your system into standby mode.

To further reduce power consumption, turn off computing and peripheral devices that are not being used or being used for an extended period of time such as overnight.

Plug all your electronics into one surge protector, so you can easily switch them all off when you leave the room or go to sleep. Most power supplies (such as your cell phone charger) continue to draw power and generate heat even when not attached to a device.
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English, 中文, hrvatski, čeština, dansk, Nederlands, suomi, français, Deutsch, italiano, 日本語, 한국어, norsk (bokmål), polski, português, română, русский, español, svenska, Türkçe, українська
Available: 50+
Your audience is everywhere. Make sure your content is too. With Flash Professional, you can publish animations to multiple platforms — including HTML5 Canvas, WebGL or even custom platforms — and reach viewers on virtually any desktop or mobile device.

Adobe Flash Professional Cc

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What's new

Lifelike animation with the Bone tool Bring your characters to life with advanced kinematics. Link objects together and manipulate them in real time to create natural, dynamic movement. The Bone tool — back by popular demand.
Sprite-sheet export Minimize the number of files in your project. Export the bitmaps in your HTML5 Canvas document as a single sprite sheet. Make the most of your animations in online ads and meet Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines.
Video import on Timeline Import H.264 videos directly onto the Timeline to use as a guide layer.
Audio splitting Split audio files directly on the Timeline to coordinate blank frames as you animate.
Brush at any scale Zoom in or out. Your brush can now scale to match the stage size. No overgrown or microscopic brushes.
Save at lightning speed Saving large files is faster than ever. No more waiting. Save your file and get right back to it.
HTML5 optimization Publish HTML5 projects without the waste. No unused library items, keyframes, or assets. Drastically optimize your finished projects.
iOS 64-bit support Take full advantage of advanced 64-bit processing in iOS to create rich interactive apps.


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I was delighted to find InDesign at such a great price and equally as pleased at how quickly I could download it and use it. It's been with me 3 days and I've already designed a brochure! Your site has a very prominent bookmark on my browser.
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I am happy to say that my computer has the product I purchased and is working well. Thank you so much for caring and following up. I will be a repeat customer just for that :)
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I thank you for all the help and patience that you have given me and I do feel that I have been a bit of a nuisance with my many requests for help. All the team have been so helpful and polite that I will certainly buy any future software that I require from you. Also your rapid response to requests is second to none and I applaud you for it.